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Who can better understand the struggles of learning a second language than Filipinos themselves! English is not our first language, but we can speak and write it at the native level. To top it off, we have East Asian roots. Our Korean, Japanese, and Chinese roots are somewhat evident in how we look and in our traditions. We understand the need for academic excellence, and we know that education is an infallible key to success. Read more here.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ESL (English as a Second Language)?

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Bilingual and multilingual students or professionals who wish to learn English or improve their English skills are seeking competent ESL schools or online ESL popular schools.

ESL Online teaching is when intensive English lessons are conducted through virtual classrooms instead of the traditional classroom. Lessons are discussed through personal computer or smartphones in audio or video format. Most online ESL schools use website platforms for their service.

An ESL teacher is one who teaches ESL. While most ESL teachers have a degree in ESL, some do not. In the Philippines, some online language ESL companies employ teachers who are undergraduates. A job description of an ESL teacher is one who teaches ESL students, specifically child education or English adult education using a company’s lesson plans or ESL curriculum and instruction.

The most important requirement, especially among nonnative speakers, is English proficiency (neutral accent and correct grammar).

A neutral accent is most sought for by those wanting to learn ESL. More than 50 percent of the world’s publications are in English. More so, a lot of shows and international shows are in English too.

Students are seeking neutral accent with correct grammar as a way to improve their job opportunities. Many international companies use English language as their main mode of communication, spoken or written.

ESL companies are also considering teaching methodology and the skill to properly assess students. An education teacher with an associate degree or even Master of Arts in Teaching whether in Library Science or foreign language are usually adept at language acquisition education programs.

As for the education requirements, most ESL companies in the Philippines prefer a language teaching degree to teach their students. For the teacher looking for a job, having some degree programs or Bachelor Degrees i.e., education teachers may give them an edge in English language skills teaching or they may become more knowledgeable in many topics. However, some ESL companies accept undergraduates as long as they’ve finished second year of college and are 18 years old.

Having prior experience as an ESL teacher in a public school, private school, or in an online ESL teaching platform is also preferred (job duties include the skill to assess students) but are not required.

To become an ESL teacher, most ESL companies generally prefer:

  • Fast internet (at least 5 mbps)
  • 4GB or 8GB RAM
  • Core i5
  • 500 HDD
  • Webcam of at least 720p or 1080p
  • Headset with noise-cancelling feature
  • Back-up power or internet

The technical aspect is important because students or language ESL learners don't want their lessons interrupted by slow internet connections. More so, teachers are compensated by the time they spend teaching English to speakers of another language. If online teachers of English has a slow internet connection or slow computer function, this is a big deterrent for companies to hire the teacher, even if said teacher is qualified.

In the Philippines, online ESL teaching salary range from PhP 80 per hour to PhP 1,000 per hour depending on the client. Some ESL companies offer lower teacher salaries, while some who have private clients offer higher rates. Training teachers have been a part of a strategy on ESL programming. Speakers of ESL further improve their quality of service to their clients.

To give you an idea, if you work daily at the minimum of 5 classes a day at 50 minutes per class, you would earn at a minimum PhP 8,800 per month for teacher salary (22 days work). Similarly, if you earn PhP 1,000/hour and work 22 days for 5 classes a day, you would earn PhP 110,000. Take note though that this rate is usually offered by private clients. For this teacher job rate, It takes years of experience and valuable skill.

A certified ESL teacher is one who is currently working as an ESL teacher and those that have teacher certification or certificate programs (TEFL, Language TESL, and/or TESOL certification). Becoming an ESL teacher with these language programs – TEFL, TESL, or TESOL for professional development has been a big part of ESL teacher careers. These certifications are required by international companies abroad as an adjunct to your Bachelor’s Degree or ESL Degree plus years of teaching experience.

As part of professional development, the ESL teacher career can become managerial too. Under teacher jobs in educational administration positions, having ESL certificate program or a Master’s degree helps, whether in elementary education, childhood education, secondary education, or education administration. Aside from these teaching degrees, having teaching experience helps too.

How do I get private student?

You can have private clients in different grade levels (middle school, high school, etc.) with varying communication skills, degree levels, or professional levels by direct marketing in Social Media.

There are a lot of ESL groups with English language learners where you can join and advertise your services there. Take note though to practice due diligence and make sure that those who wants to sign up for your service are legitimate. It is always a good idea to request for a partial or full deposit.

What is the future of online ESL teaching?

The demand for English skills are steadily going up. An ESL teacher career may be multidisciplinary. Teaching jobs through ESL classes are also increasing in number. Speakers of other languages may find online ESL teaching a daily part of their lives. Not only are online classes more affordable, but students save time going to and from these schools.

Perhaps one of the biggest trends today is language immersion. There are many ESL camps nestled in the metro and in provinces. Some camps have the same nationalities, while some have different ones. Aside from being exposed to many cultures, students learn to be more accepting of the differences. Not only does English learning prepare them for many job opportunities world wide, but also ready to work in an international environment.

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