Who are the owners of Fluent Daily?

Teacher Jeff – My passion is teaching. I have been teaching for more than ten years in many topics, including IELTS review. My biggest joy is seeing and learning that my students are now speaking English better. I just don’t teach them the knowledge and skills involved but also the attitude. I coined Fluent Daily’s name as a mission for both students who are learning English and teachers who wish to teach ESL. Just like in any learning experience, if you don’t learn how to search for it, how to do it, and how to master it; your learning would only be temporary.

Teacher Clariz – I have been teaching ESL for ten years. I like meeting new people of different ages and backgrounds. I also love reading books, playing badminton, and singing. Years back, I started training Filipino teachers in a Facebook group to teach them. I see that there is a lot of untapped potential in my fellow countrymen. Like an effective teacher, I don’t teach the technical skills; I also teach students how to make their learning sustainable.

Ann – I am not a teacher. I am the administrative support of Fluent Daily. I also founded Fluent Daily. If you need anything, send me an email at fluentdaily@gmail.com or info@fluentdaily.com.

Where is Fluent Daily located?

The reason why most social media influencers love the Philippines is the lower cost of living, the natural beauty of the islands, and the English skills of Filipinos. The Philippines has been an American colony for years. English has been taught from the first year of school. There are also many ESL camps here in the Philippines, and immersion has never been more popular as a surefire way to master the English language.

Fluent Daily is a company in Labrador, Pangasinan. Though we live in the country, we employ Filipino teachers from all over the nation.

Why should Filipinos teach us?

Who can better understand the struggles of learning a second language than Filipinos themselves! English is not our first language, but we can speak and write it at the native level. To top it off, we have East Asian roots. Our Korean, Japanese, and Chinese roots are somewhat evident in how we look and in our traditions. We understand the need for academic excellence, and we know that education is an infallible key to success.

What sets you apart from other ESL schools?

We charge competitive rates. You can see our packages here. While other ESL schools may be older in the ESL industry, we make sure that the qualified teachers that we hire are in it for the long term. If you choose a teacher with us, you are likely more assured that your teacher will be with you for years to come. Also, we personally monitor and provide training to our teachers. A part of our services includes training for teachers.

This training is programmed to make our teachers very competitive. We offer higher-than-industry rates and will provide you the best teacher in the nation. After all, with the mounting competition in the ESL industry workforce, the best teachers choose a company that can offer them better rates. For the student, this is especially more beneficial. You learn from the best. You don’t just get a teacher here; you earn a long-term partner in education – one that is committed to achieving your process goals.

What are your mission and vision?

When we commit ourselves to what we do (our mission), we make sure that the goals that we achieve are sustainable. Our vision is to Keep Moving Forward. We believe that to do these; there are a lot of process goals that we have to set within ourselves. Our goals are ambitious, but then we only get one chance at life. Why not dream for the best?

Our mission is to be the best ESL school in the Philippines. To achieve these, we do not only teach skills; we also motivate the student to learn for themselves. Remember that a more cooperative and committed student learns the fastest. Every student is unique, and since humans are designed to evolve, we center on these processes – learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Learn – Most of ESL learners have no basic foundation. This is where we first learn the basics and the more complicated lessons.

Unlearn – Since all students are unique, it is up to the teacher’s task with the full cooperation of the student to look for strategies that work. The goal is to Keep Moving Forward, and the student can only move forward if he or she accepts his limitations. When there is self-awareness, there is room for learning. Some strategies will not work; no amount of forcing them will do. Learning must come from the inside. This strategy always works.

Relearn – While some strategies don’t work, there are some strategies that do. This is where the skill of the teacher is the most important. The teacher must strike at the heart of this strength and use it to motivate the student. We all want to move forward (teacher and student), and what better way than to adapt, learn the most that we can, and accept responsibility.