Free webinar for newbies and aspiring ESL teachers details

The first and second FREE Webinar in ESL for beginners and aspiring teachers was a blast! We had tons of review from it in our FB page. Thanks to our attendees!” 💖

Now on our weekly webinar, we will not only share tips but also EMPOWER that YOU have what it takes to succeed in ESL! 💪

👉 This webinar will HELP you
✔ in answering nagging questions that you may have,
✔ get started in an ESL job,
✔ pass that interview,
and MORE.

We will only accommodate 100 participants per time slot.

Register here 👉

You will receive an automated reply from Fluent Daily.
Follow the instructions in your email. And don’t forget to PM your Skype ID.

Don’t forget to join the FB group indicated.

No registration, no room number. 🌞

Remember that more and more people want to learn English! English is STILL one of the major languages in the world. 😉

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  • My name is Erwin./\ I’d like to introduce myself, I’m a graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science. I am highly trustworthy and ethical. I’m a confident organized person with effective communication skills, demonstrated by the ability to converse with staff at all levels and build a strong rapport with the internal and the external customers. I’m equally capable of performing well as part of a team or independently on my own initiative. I’m a quick learner with a flexible attitude and work effectively to targets and careers. I am a hardworking and results-driven professional, offering broad-based experience in general management. My strength is that I like to take challenges where I can do it on my way of thinking which I take both success and failure in a balanced manner. I don’t like to say weakness, instead, it’s a scope for improvement where I won’t leave any task incompletely.

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