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Hello Teacher!

How are you this quarantine? Especially with the pandemic today, working at home is the best idea. As one of the world’s major languages, many people want to learn English. More than half of the world’s publications are written in English too. For this reason, a lot of non-speaking English nations are seeking ESL teachers.

On the top of their list are Filipinos. Our warm, engaging, and patient nature are highly sought all over the world. There is simply a lot of opportunities in learning and mastering English. This is your chance!

At the end of Fluent Daily’s ESL 101, you are expected to

  • Learn the different techniques in ESL teaching
  • Learn Fluent Daily’s system in teaching
  • Learn tips on how to neutralize accent
  • Prevent common mistakes in grammar
  • Notice and prevent Filipinisms
  • Be culturally sensitive to different nationalities
  • Deliver easy-to-understand questions and instructions
  • Learn tips on how to ace an interview and demo lessons
  • Prepare a 1-minute video introduction
  • Prepare a resume by applying Fluent Daily’s tips

Sounds overwhelming? The hard truth is – YES, learning something new is difficult. However, you don’t need to be alone. We will be with you at every step of the way.

Before we hand out certificates, there are some requirements that we need from you.

  • At least a grade of 4 in 1 on 1 teacher to teacher teaching demonstration (1 hour)
  • At least a grade of 4 in 1 on 1 teacher to teacher mock interview (1 hour)
  • 1-minute introductory video or audio

Our Trainers

Teacher Clariz is a licensed teacher. She has been teaching ESL for 10 years. She likes meeting new people with different ages and backgrounds. She also loves reading books, playing badminton and singing. “Don’t wait for opportunity, create it” is what she believes the most.

Teacher Jeff has over 10 years of experience as an ESL and IELTS teacher. He received a 9 in the IELTS exam. He is also a freelance writer and owns a cat named Tsukitty. Jeff sings everywhere while walking to the market or taking a bath. He believes that working hard is not enough, you also have to work smart.

Our Service

As part of our service, we will offer lifetime support. After all, learning is continuous. We have a series of training from ESL 101 to the more specific ones. Remember that being receptive to learning will only help you. More than your ambition and skill, your initiative will always be the driving force for your success. 

Schedule and Payment Details

The schedule is fixed and will be taught in Skype.

  • Batch 3
    Day 1 on Monday: 21 Sept 2020, 2-3 PM
    Day 2 on Wednesday: 23 Sept 2020, 2-3 PM
    Day 3 on Friday: 25 Sept 2020, 2-3 PM
    Day 4 on Saturday: 26 Sept 2020, 1-3 PM
  • Batch 4
    Day 1 on Saturday: 25 Sept 2020, 9-12 PM
    Day 2 on Sunday: 26 Sept 2020, 12-2 PM

Please deposit an amount of PhP 1,500 in any of the accounts below.

  • Gcash: Clariza Orosco (0945 993 9043)
  • Metrobank Lucena City, Quezon Branch: Kenneth A. Orosco (612-3-612-02127-0)
  • BPI Laguna Branch (not BPI Family): Jeffrey B. Teodoro (8489 1511 55)
  • Credit card/paypal:
    • Add item, go to cart, then checkout

Afterwards, make sure to send us a copy of the deposit slip to with subject “Payment ESL101 (Surname, First Name)”. Include your preferred email where we’ll be sending your log-in details. Sending us a payment is confirmation that you are agreeable to the contents of this invitation.

After payment confirmation, we will send your log-in details. Now as a member, you’ll be able to access all our learning videos and materials including books and forms. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many sessions do you have? Is the schedule fixed?

Group classes take 5 hours. In addition, there are two 1-on-1 classes (1-hour teacher to teacher demo class and 1-hour mock interview session). The schedule is fixed.

  1. How do I reserve?

Read the instructions in Make a payment, inform us, wait for your login and password, and be ready on your scheduled training date. Submit your requirements and we’ll issue a certificate. Take note that we will only reserve your slot after full payment.

  1. Can I refund my payment?

Please take note that we cannot refund the amount at least 5 days before the first day of training.

  1. Can I transfer my payment to another person?

Yes, you can transfer payment. However, it is your responsibility to look for another enrollee.

  1. Can I move my schedule to another date?

No, you cannot move your reserved schedule to another date.

  1. Do you issue certificate of training?

Yes, we do.

Sometimes, life goes by very fast. It’s true that the most valuable commodity is TIME. You can never get back lost time. Today is crucial. With the proper mindset, what you could’ve learned now would determine what you could be 10 years from now.

Thank you and stay safe!

Ann Teodoro
Admin of Fluent Daily

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