Filipino teachers and ESL

Since the first of October, we have posted an ad for hiring Filipino teachers. We received a lot of applications. While there a lot of relevant skills ESL teachers should at least have, there are some applications which had these skills and more.

There are a lot of processes that goes in developing a website. Some of these include social media management and SEO. We tapped a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist to help us improve content performance in Google. Just 2 months prior, even searching our company name in Google’s search bar would yield different company names.

In less than a week, I am pleasantly surprised! The SEO specialist also targeted other keywords. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Fluent Daily's search engine results

We also have a Facebook group  – ESL Teacher’s Group – For Newbies/Aspiring Teachers (Philippines)

At the same time period (August 2020), the page had around 5,000 likes. As of today, it has around 11,000 likes. This is so fast, considering that this group is organically grown. This could mean that ESL Teaching is one of the first choices of Filipinos in looking for a job.

Now, that’s not so surprising. Filipinos are excellent English speakers.

Who better to understand ELL and ESL learners than Filipinos who also learned a second language too. English is generally not the first language of Filipinos. We know the struggle of learning English. And, as the Philippines is one of the top hubs of learning ESL, we can hold our own in any English conversation, spoken or written.

You may be thinking, all Filipinos are good English speakers and writers. This is the same with assuming that all Filipinos can sing well. We all wish these assumptions are true, but they’re not. Not all Filipinos can speak and write English well or sing.

Filipino teachers and ESL

Here at Fluent Daily, we choose ESL teachers who have the following skills and expertise:

  • A neutral or American accent
  • English proficiency in writing and speaking
  • A positive, can-do attitude

In short, we hire teachers who are not only experts in English, but also those who can teach. What is expertise for when teachers can’t encourage kids and adults to learn it on their own too?

You’ll find out the difference from our free demo. Schedule your free demo and find out how we choose the best Filipino teachers.

We are here to help you learn English and achieve the level of proficiency you want.  Send us a message and you’ll ace that exam in English or be hired internationally. Here at #FluentDaily, you’ll move forward. 

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