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The past few months has been very busy. Since mid-August, we’ve been training aspiring ESL teachers for 2 months. We’ve paused training at Batch 5 as we need to prepare for the ads.

These ads will be for students wanting to be fluent in English.

From training teachers to teaching students

The last few weeks has been super hectic. We’ve posted 3 amazing Filipino teachers who’ve passed our screening requirements and we’ll add more soon here. This week is for screening more teachers and providing demos. We also give commissions to those who can refer students to us. Send us an email at and for queries and we’ll set up a meeting ASAP.

But hey, Fluent Daily loves training teachers too and we may open Batch 6 at mid-2021.

From learning the basics to mastery

At Fluent Daily, you don’t only learn how to speak in English, we will also train you to master it. You will be inspired to participate more. You’ll find yourself practicing English even at your own time. Remember that the most valuable resource is time. You can’t get back lost time.

We’ve already edited 3 intro videos and 4 demo classes. There are still a lot of work to be done, a lot of coordination, and editing. We’re not complaining! In fact, we love work and what it represents that we always find time to provide FREE demos (kids or adults) to possible referrers and  students.

For someone who’s been working at ESL for more than 10 years and who’s transitioned from a 9 to 5 job to freelancing work then a start-up, everything’s a learning experience. Work is equal to potential income. And who doesn’t like income? 

Good morning everyone!

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